AGCEG Consulting

An AGCEG consultant has the expertise to helpstudents choose from a wide range of study opportunities offered around the globe.
An AGCEG consultant is uniquely qualified to provide American and international students and their families with the information and tools they will need to choose appropriate educational options both in the United States and abroad. The consultant can help the student choose between short-term, semester and full-year programs.Options can include high school/boarding school placements, language courses, summer enrichment, home-stays, internships, undergraduate programs and graduate programs. A consultant will work with the family to thoroughly assess the student’s educational and experiential background, capabilities and interests to determine the right match.

An AGCEG consultant can help inmatters involving visas, transcript verification, translations, and course equivalences.
Studying abroad usually requires a great deal of planning and preparation. A consultant can monitor and guide students throughout the process and providefamilies with practical advice on topics including safety issues, budgeting,banking, and travel arrangements.

An AGCEG consultant is committed to ensuring that students receive a worth while and productive experience.
From advice on how to select and apply to a program, to how to arrange for financial aid, to earning academic credit, an AGCEG consultant offers comprehensive and personalized services tostudents interested in studying in another country. The exciting experience of international study offers an exceptional chance for self-discovery and personal growth that can change a student’s life. Educational consultantsguidestudents and their families through every step of this important decision-making process.